Surface – BVW Round 4

November 2011.
Help a robot family escape the collapse of their post-apocalyptic underground abode.
Timespan: 3 weeks.

Platform: Wii-motes, nunchuk.
My role: 3d modeler, animator.

Surface is a cooperative puzzle-platformer that follows the journey of a robot family as they try to escape the destruction of their underground home. The game was built in 3 weeks for Building Virtual World Fall 2011, Round 4, also known as story round.

The journey was setup as a 3 act story starting with the introduction of a calamity serving as a hook for the interest curve. The end of each act introduces a new tragedy/challenge followed by the resolution at the end. The intention was to create poignant moments throughout the game-playing experience.


Here are a few screenshots:


The Team:

Brad Buchanan : Producer, Programmer
Maria Tartaglia : 2D Artist
Kaiyang Zhang : Sound Designer
Chirag Raman : 3D Modeler, Animator