Balloon Tower Princess Rescue – BVW Round 3

October 2011.
Be a valiant knight and rescue the gorgeous Princess Melanie from atop Carnegie Tower.
Timespan: 1 week.

Platform: Wii-motes, Unity3D
My role: 3D Modeler. 

Balloon Tower Princess Rescue is a 2 player game built for Building Virtual Worlds Fall 2011, Round 3, also known as ‘Lightening Round’. This round is especially instructive in the merits of rapid prototyping and focusing on a core mechanic that is fun.

Since we only had one week, we decided to have a setting that can be readily identified with, obviating the need of an expository back-story. Hence, we decided to build a physically interactive world about knights and dainty princesses in towers and legendary weapon wars…as to how the knights would get to the top of the tower? Balloon Baskets. It was painfully obvious.

And what happens when 2 burly honorable knights reach the tower of the dainty damsel at the same time? I present to you, Balloon Tower Princess Rescue.



The Team:

Sun-Moon Hwang: Sound Designer
Mike Lee: Programmer
Anisha Deshmane: 2D Artist
Chirag Raman: 3D Modeler