Deluged – BVW Round 1

September 2011.
An experience involving helping a plumber banish the phobias tormenting him.
Timespan: 2 weeks.
Platform: Head-mounted display, audio input.
My roles: 3D modeler, animator, programmer and producer.

Deluged was an audience interaction experience built within 2 weeks for Building Virtual Worlds Fall 2011, Round 1. The experience used audio input from the audience to assist a plumber out of his nightmare where he grapples water monsters in a ‘leaky situation’. If the audience sang in time, akin to a karaoke, the monsters would stop attacking the protagonist Paul and dance to the beat, enabling Paul to salvage the situation.



The microphone input was fed into a Python script that measured synchronization and transfered the data to Unity 3D over TCP. In addition to modeling and animating, I helped with writing the TCP client to receive data within Unity 3D.

Here are a few screenshots:


I also had a lot of fun fabricating the wrench prop for the actor who played Paul in the real world! Fun times.


The Team:

Haewon Nam : 2D Artist.
Chu Hsawn Kuang :  Lead Programmer
Emmanuel Eytan :  Sound Designer and Programmer for microphone input handling.
Chirag Raman : Producer, 3D Modeler & Animator, Programmer.